Food Safety

At Gourmet’s Finest, we provide a wide range of products for your enjoyment, but we also ensure your safety. We take food safety seriously. We understand just how important it is and strive to provide you with the very best products grown and managed in safe conditions. When it comes to working with our team, each member of our staff is committed to the same high level of food safety.

We Self-Audit

Maintaining a safe establishment for all of your mushroom needs is an essential part of our business. That is why we self-audit. That means we are constantly focused on providing the highest quality of safe products to you. We manage temperatures, cleanliness, and overall food safety above and beyond what is required.

Self-auditing allows us to have a clear understanding of just how clean and sanitary our location is on a constant basis. As a result of this, we are able to help keep our clients happy all of the time. If you have any questions about our food safety practices, we are happy to talk to you about them.

HACCP Certified

HACCP certification is one of the hallmarks of food safety. At Gourmet’s Finest, we are HACCP certified. This specific type of certification called the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points certification, focuses on seven key areas of food management. That includes determining crucial points, monitoring, and documentation. To maintain this certification, we must maintain a safe environment and work to improve continuously as well. You can expect this to be reflected in the products we offer.

At Gourmet’s Finest, food safety is our commitment to you. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns about food safety within our location, and we’ll provide you with the resources you need. Expect the very best.