Texture and Mild Flavor

Though some will tell you that you should add oyster mushrooms to your dishes because it can help to reduce your cholesterol (they are packed with nutrients), we like them for their mild flavor. At Gourmet’s Finest, oyster mushrooms are readily available and of the finest quality. If you have pulled back from using this versatile mushroom in the past, here’s how to give them a try.

Oyster Mushroom Flavor

Oyster mushrooms are also a versatile mushroom that can be used for many needs. They have a mild flavor to them, though they have more of a bite and texture than other products. You will find them available in various colors and sizes, too. Don’t let their size scare you – some can be up to 10 inches in diameter – they are a gentle giant when it comes to flavor. Don’t overlook their scent, too. They tend to have a unique scent that’s a bit like licorice.

What Can You Pair with Oyster Mushrooms?

Because they have a milder taste, they work well with many types of dishes. However, many people find they work very well with seafood both as an accompaniment and within dishes. They work very well in soups and stews and can pick up on the flavors they are paired with fairly well. Many times, they have a bit of a nutty, hardy taste to them, which makes them a good choice for a pairing with beef.

How to Cook Oyster Mushrooms

Like most other types of mushrooms, they are pretty easy to cook. Most of the time, the stem is not used, due to its heavy, dense texture. From there, you can slice oyster mushrooms or dice them. Sometimes, due to their unique shape, you may want to leave them in bigger pieces to let more of this beauty come through in the dish you create. Other times, you’ll want to cook them whole. They can do okay on the grill but can break down as well. Add them to soups or stews or sauté them with a few pieces of seafood and a butter sauce.

How to Prepare Oyster Mushrooms

As noted, these mushrooms are rather easy to manage. You can wipe them off and store them whole in a sealed bag. Do not get them wet. You can also cut them into any size that may be right for your needs. Keep in mind that oyster mushrooms can pick up on the flavors of items stored with them. At Gourmet’s Finest, we recommend enjoying them within a week of obtaining them.