Why Blend

Better For Flavor

The proof is in the, er, burger: A study from The Culinary Institute of America (CIA) and University of California-Davis showed that a traditional ground meat recipe (like your favorite burger) prepared with mushroom-meat blend can enhance the overall flavor due to double the impact of umami.

Better For health

In addition to the drool-worthy flavor, The Blend also trims fat and calories (less meat, more mushrooms), decreases salt intake (say it with us: umami) and adds a serving of much-needed vegetables.

Better For Sustainability

One million pounds of mushrooms can grow in the space of just an acre, require minimal water and are ready to harvest in just a matter of days, making them one of the most earth-friendly and renewable crops available.

Better For Your Dollar

It’s common sense: extend portion sizes with The Blend. Mushrooms help bulk up the volume of your favorite meaty recipes without hurting your bottom line.