White Button Mushrooms

Your Versatile Option

There are many types of mushrooms available today, but none is more versatile than white button mushrooms. At Gourmet’s Finest, we offer the highest quality of these mushrooms and recognize that they are one of our customers’ favorite options.

White Button Mushroom Flavor

One of the key reasons why so many people seek out this particular mushroom is because it is so easy to use. It has a neutral flavor. For this reason, you can use it with most recipes when you do not want the mushroom itself to be the stand out flavor. We find it is mild enough that those who may not be mushroom lovers (yet) will enjoy this particular choice.

How Can You Pair White Button Mushrooms?

Because it has such a mild flavor, it works well with most types of other foods. This is one of the best reasons to use it. They tend to work well as a way to bulk up a dish to make it a bit more hardy without adding a lot of flavor to it. While they still bring a great deal of consistency, they do not necessarily overpower other flavors in your cooking. Adding them to a soup or stew, for example, allows them to absorb the spices and flavorings you add to it, creating a hardy, rich dish.

How to Cook White Button Mushrooms

Here’s the good news for those who are just starting out with cooking white button mushrooms – they can be added and cooked in a dozen ways. Most of the time, they are added to a recipe. Cut them up, stems and all, and add them to stir-frys, stews, or soups. Or, you can add them on top of pizzas or even on sandwiches. Sauté them to bring out the most flavor. They have the need for a bit of oil to cook them like this, or you can add butter to them for a richer flavor.

How to Prepare White Button Mushrooms

When you buy white button mushrooms, your first step is to look for those that have unopened caps. You do not want to see any type of sliminess or discoloration on them. Then, use nothing more than a damp cloth to clean off any dirt. You do not want to wash them under running water. Store them in your refrigerator. Usually, it is best to keep them away from other mushrooms or any other fruit or vegetable with a strong flavor. You will find they can last a week or older in this way. Pull them out and use them whenever you want something fantastic to add to a dish.