Fantastic Flavor You’ll Love

Shiitake mushrooms have long been used in cooking, but they have also played a solid role in medicinal purposes. For our goals here at Gourmet’s Finest, let’s focus on why these are the types of mushrooms you’ll want to enjoy for their flavor.

Shiitake Mushroom Flavor

A popular Asian cuisine mushroom, they are fantastic for picking up the flavor of the dishes they are put in, which makes them a fantastic choice for many needs. They have a very distinct flavor. It is quite savory overall and has a meaty consistency. It has this unique flavor, which is known as umami, because of the strong level of amino acids within it. You do not have to add a lot of flavor to most dishes to get the very best flavor out of these.

What Can You Pair Shiitake Mushrooms With?

Though it is commonly used in Asian cuisine, shiitakes are commonly used in many dishes. They work well with softer flavors, such as chicken and shrimp. They can also be used with rice, missed into scrambled eggs, added to soups, and even added to pasta when you want to create a more distinct and savory flavor to them. Pair them with greens and fish, too.

How to Cook Shiitake Mushrooms

There are many ways to prepare shiitakes. The most common method is to add them into a dish, like a sauce or soup. They can also be grilled – though many people don’t do that because they are not always the largest mushroom. Still, adding them to the grill is a great option. However, one of the easiest ways to use them is in a sauté. Add them to any type of combination of vegetables to get the best flavor from them.

How to Prepare Shiitake Mushrooms

When you buy them, look for those that have a stem on them. You also will find they are very easy to clean – just wipe them off with a damp towel. Store them in a bag that is tightly closed.

It is not common to eat the stems – though you can, they are chewy and hard to breakdown. You can then add the mushrooms to your dish whole, diced, or sliced. They are rather easy to use and tend to last a bit longer than other mushrooms.